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Handmade Baskets Trays

Handmade Baskets Trays

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Set of three beautiful handmade oval baskets trays, handmade in Senegal.

Crafted from millet grass and plastic. Intricately handwoven by Wolof women in rural Senegal, these spectacular baskets are crafted using a 15th-century coiling technique that combines a thick grass-like plant with threads of recycled plastic – thoughtfully weaving together tradition with modern materials. A global look and functional design make for stunning pieces that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

3 baskets set.

1 small : 11” long, 7" wide, 2" tall.

1 medium 14" long, 9” wide, 3” tall.

1 large: 18" long, 11" wide, 4" tall

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