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10 Eco-Friendship Bracelets

10 Eco-Friendship Bracelets

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Set off ten recycled bracelets handmade out of plastic waste in Mail.

They are colorful and light weight and support an excellent incentive of keeping our environment clean with reused collected plastics that could have over wise ended in our landfills. 

I like how simple and fun they are to stack and I love that they are eco-friendly! T

10 bracelets. One size.   

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Social Entrepreneur

Aline Lédémin, Designer and Founder has been incorporating ethical values into the brand strategy and acting responsibly since starting her brand in 2009 in San Francisco.

According to the United Nations, this means, “operating in ways that, at a minimum, meet fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption”. This has allow her to establish a culture of integrity, and to preserve basic responsibilities to people and planet, but also setting the stage for long-term success.

In addition to the principles mentioned by the UN, other ethical values such as “zero waste”,  ‘honesty’ and ‘respect’ have been the basis for the creation of the brand: constantly bridging the gap between tradition vs. modernity, fun vs. serious, bold vs. careful, innovative vs. conservative.

"-An artisan from Benin proudly made your clothes, with love and excitement."