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Le Voyageur

Le Voyageur

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Le Voyageur means "The Traveler"  in French.

It is designed for the boho, free spirit woman that lives life unconditionally and unapologetically...She is always on the go!  //

This leather bag is made possible through a collaboration with leather artisans and handwoven textile artists in the city of Cotonou, Benin. Body is 100% handwoven cotton canvas + 100% Leather bands, straps and all bottom of bag. Black light weight cotton lining / silver hardwares all around.

Available in mix and match of nautical line cord and leather strap or all leather straps. 

We are producing only a limited quantity on demand. Pre-order before we go to production. We will reach out as soon as we will receive your orders.

13 inches tall x 10 inches diameter.

 Expected shipping early September 2022. 

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