My name is Aline Lédémin, I was born in Benin west Africa, but I never lived there. My parents raised me in 12 countries, mostly France and west African countries. I was lucky enough to travel the world from an early age, from Africa to Europe, from Australia to Brazil and much more.

Over the course of time, I’ve developed a great sense of adaptation...I have a true passion for images, colors combinations, volumes, visual arts in general and an ever growing passion for leadership and entrepreneurial ventures. I always see life on the bright side, I embrace challenges and I am goal and solution driven.

I took classes in fashion design and patterns making in Paris and completed my degree with the honors of the class, June 2005. I worked freelance for various clients around the world, then decided to explore the exciting and challenging doors leading me in the entrepreneurial field in the United States.


 During the last 12 years, I’ve managed to open 2 businesses in San Francisco, fulfilling a dream of self-achievement in the fashion and nail business industries. I gained self-discipline and grew a fantastic work ethic running both of my stores at the same time. I received great and joyful opportunities, led a group of people around “company culture and philosophy” and achieved beyond measure my wildest dream of becoming an entrepreneur in the US with 2 physical stores from 2009 to 2020. Since 2021, I blog and trade for a living. This year, I decided to combine all my passions and interests here. - Welcome to my world! 

I relocated to Phoenix, Arizona from San Francisco, California after a two-year break during the pandemic, a dark period when I disconnected from my creativity...Today, "I rise by rising others".

I’m embracing the joy of product development, collaborations, social media, marketing and beyond, creativity, community, and empowerment. The possibility of putting to use my experience as an auto-entrepreneur for people that need it the most grew in me over the last year and I started dreaming of creative digital space and a new collection...I knew then, that my connection to my creativity was back and the pandemic did not do anything to it: that flame is still burning inside of me.

This time around, my goal is to give thanks and give back. I'm looking forward to helping others achieve their dreams and while fulfilling the journey I am on, my wish is to inspire a few on my way. You, who are reading this, I hope you're one of them. Thank you for being here, now.

I hope you'll enjoy the things that my active mind has managed to accomplish, so far.

-Love, Aline Lédémin.

04/06/2022 (2 days post-launch)